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00 P9,750. The Arms Corporation of the Philippines ( Armscor) is a firearms manufacturing company headquartered in the Philippines.

5000 Free ball Gel blasters Automatic Electric Gel Ball Spray Gun pellet gun orbeez gun toys for boy.

The company is known for its inexpensive 1911-pattern pistols, revolvers, shotguns, sporting rifles, firearms parts and ammunition.

545 S. . .

Available brand new firearms 12 gauges at Topspot Guns International.

We shot 200 rounds of. P0. This meant guns killed one in every 100,000 people in the Southeast Asian country—one of.

00 - P3,634. 40, 10mm.

We rented a single 9mm pistol, 4x targets and 100 bullets.

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, Quezon City, Philippines. C.

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Magpul ladder rail protectors and rail panels, Hogue grip sleeves, weapon lights, and other gun accessories.


6K sold.

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Sulun Arms SG-104 (Black) Sulun Arms SG-104 (Green) Sulun Arms SG-104 (Brown) Sulun Arms SG-104 (Camo) Sulun Arms SG-105. HEIGHT: 5. . A—4 Lancer LT-M40 A3S Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Multicam ₱ 8950 Add to cart A. Dionisio & Co. 545 S.

Hector Rodriguez, a competitive shooter during the 1990s using pistols in the 1911 platform.

Description. Less is more, after all.


Less is more, after all.

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